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18.03.09 - Der Poolzaun ist weg

Vor etwa 6 Jahren haben wir unseren Pool eingezäunt. Damals war Felix gerade ein Jahr alt. Er war schon kräftig am Laufen, während sein Bruder Max noch krabbelnd versuchte hinterher zukommen.

IMG_5416 IMG_5423

Ich muss sagen, dass wir immer froh waren, den Zaun zu haben, obwohl es nicht gerade super aussah. Jedoch konnten wir sicher sein, dass die Jungs keine Chance hatten, diesen Zaun umzustoßen. Pablo, unser früherer Nachbar, half Thomas dabei die “Festung Pool” uneinnehmbar zu machen. Die beiden betonierten die Pfosten für den Poolzaun ein, so dass ohne Probleme ein Lastwagen dagegen fahren konnte, ohne das sich der Zaun bewegt hätte.

Nachdem unsere beiden Männer nun schon seit zwei Jahren super gut schwimmen können, war es dieses Jahr wirklich an der Zeit, diesen Zaun endlich zu entfernen. Eigentlich wollte Thomas dies allein bzw. mit etwas Hilfe von David machen. Da uns jedoch die vergangene Woche die Grippe ziemlich heftig erwischt hatte, war es David mit seinem Kollegen, der die Mauern einreissen konnte.

Hier ein kleiner Einblick in das Grippe-Lazarett, das wir bei uns im Wohnzimmer eingerichtet haben.

IMG_5420 IMG_5421

Selbst unser Krümmelchen ist völlig fertig - normalerweise kann sie den ganzen Vormittag und Nachmittag schlafen, bis die Jungs aus der Schule kommen.


Der alte Poolzaun wird jetzt hinter den Pool kommen. Dort hatten wir einen uralten Zaun, der den letzten Sturm nicht sehr gut überlebt hatte und überall gebrochen war.

IMG_5424 IMG_5426

David und sein Kollege haben alles vorbereitet, um in der kommenden Woche die Pfosten wieder einzubetonieren. Dann kommen die Zaunelemente noch dran, über die Löcher, wo die Pfosten um den Pool waren, müssen neue Fliesen und voila. Der Sommer kann kommen - hoffentlich haben wir bis dahin diese überaus lästige Erkältung hinter uns.

11.03.09 - Well done Felix & Max

Yesterday the boys came home beaming with a big smile. They received their “Barbra Bear Certificate”.


Felix and Max had worked really hard to prepare a nice travel log about what they did on their holiday trip with Barbra Bear. I was typing everything up what Felix told me while Max drew wonderful pictures. Although it was a lot of work the boys did extremely well and were really proud after Thomas made a spiral-bound book out of the printout.


It it wonderful to see that the school encourages them to do such things and gives them positive acknowledgement about their work. The boys beamed with pride. Well done!

Barbra Bear’s Holiday in Florida With Felix and Max

13.02.09– 02.03.09

IMG_5273 barbraBear_max

Written by Felix Stalzer - Illustrated by Max Stalzer

Some Info: Barbra Bear is part of the Geography topic of class 1 and class 2 at “The Academy International School” in Mallorca. Whenever the children travel with the bear they are encouraged to write about their trip.

Friday 13.02.09 – Barbra comes to our house

Today was Carnival Parade at our school. After lunch we changed into our carnival costumes. We had lots of fun. The parade started at 3 pm at the tennis court and all parents were invited.


When we went home we took Barbra with us. She wore her princess dress. Before lunch we went to Ms Sheila to pack Barbra’s holiday suitcase. She was as excited as we were to go to Florida on holiday.

Saturday 14.02.09 – Flight to Frankfurt (Germany)

On Saturday afternoon we started our holiday trip.  First we had to fly from Palma de Mallorca to Frankfurt (Germany). Before we left we took a picture together with Barbra.


At the airport we showed Barbra everything.


After we arrived in Frankfurt. We had to pick up our luggage. Our parents had booked a hotel directly at the airport so we only had to go over to the hotel.


The room was great. Barbra had her own bed between us.

Sunday 15.02.09 – Long flight to Orlando (Florida, USA)


Today was the day – we would fly to Orlando. First we had a yummy breakfast at the hotel lounge.

After that we relaxed a bit before we went over the airport to check in and meet with our grandparents and our aunt Gabi.

Shortly after we arrived at the gate we saw our plane arriving. It was an Airbus 340-600. This is a cool plane. We explained everything what was happening outside to Barbra.


Then our grandparents and our aunt arrived. We were very excited and happy.

The flight to Orlando was extremely long. It took 10 hours. The plane had inseat entertainment; this means that we had our own screens to watch movies. We could choose from several movies and cartoons.

When we finally arrived at the airport of Orlando we first had to go through immigrations. You have to show your passport. If Barbra would have had one, the immigration officer would have given her a stamp too.

Then we picked up our rental car. It was a super speedy SUV.

When we arrived at the house my parents had rented we went directly to the games room. The games room has a pool table, football table and an air hockey table. By then it was already 11 pm and we were extremely tired.


The time difference between Mallorca and Orlando is 6 hours. This means in Mallorca it was 5 am when we went to bed at 11 pm in Orlando.

Monday 16.02.09 – The first vacation day

We (Max and I) started our first vacation day with television before the others woke up. Then we decided to go in the pool and the Jacuzzi. It felt great.


While we were in the pool we saw a sky writer plan paint a smile on the sky.

After the pool we were all hungry and had a great breakfast. Later in the day we went to Disney Marketplace. Max and I could pick a present from the big Lego shop.


Tuesday 17.02.09 – Seaworld

On Tuesday we all went to Seaworld. This is a huge zoo with many aquariums.

We went to an underwater observation area to watch dolphins swimming and playing. We also learned about manatees.


Then we went to the big killer whale show which was called the “Shamoo Show”.


Wednesday 18.02.09 – Magic Kingdom

On Wednesday we took Barbra to go to Disney’s Magic Kingdom.


To get from the parking lot to the entrance of this Disney park you have to take the Monorail. We asked whether we could ride with the driver upfront. Yes, we could and it was really wonderful.


Here we took a picture with Barbra and Walt Disney. He was the one that started Disney. Here is a picture of “Barbra Robinson”. There is a huge tree house that you can climb into.  Barbra loved it.


We went on several rides throughout the park and had lots of funs. Here, my brother Max and Barbra are relaxing a bit before we went to the “Pirates of the Caribbean” show and ride.


Barbra was caught by the pirates but we were able to rescue her. After the rescue we relaxed a bit in rocking chairs on Tom Sawyer’s Island.


Then we went on “Thunder Mountain”. This is a huge roller coaster. We enjoyed it a lot.

Especially for Barbra we watched the “Country Bear Jamboree”. This is a stage show with auto-animatronic figures. My mom explained to me that these are robots which can move and make music.


Barbra loved the show. She even went onto the stage.


Then we went to a 3D movie. When you use special glasses it appears as if the movie characters are right in front of you. At first this is scary but then it is very funny.

One of the last things we did was ride the “Goofy’s Barnstormer” roller coaster. We were quite exhausted and hungry so we went to Dennys. Barbra had the biggest meal.


Thursday 19.02.09 – Relaxing at the House

Today we enjoyed a relaxing day at the house. We swam, watched TV, played Playstation and also did some homework.

Friday 20.02.09 – Disney’s Animal Kingdom

On Friday we decided to go to Disney Animal Kingdom. This is a theme park and zoo.


Max and I went to a mammoth dig site.

Here we observed some giant bats. Then we saw a sleepy tiger.


We observed beautifully coloured birds. And here Max compared the size of Barbra to the skull of a hippo.


Saturday 21.02.09 – Epcot

On Saturday we went to Disney’s Epcot. Epcot stand for “Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow”. In this park you can learn a lot about new technologies.


My mom explained the following to me: “The symbol of Epcot is a “Pentakis dodecahedron” which represents a molecule (fullerene) made entirely of carbon atoms.“ It do not really understand all of what she told me.

We went to “Turtle Talk with Crush”. This is an interactive show based on the movie “Finding Nemo”. The turtle Crush is actually talking to children and asking them questions.

Here we watched a group of Chinese artists. Most of them were children who could do amazing things.


One of the highlights of Epcot is called “Soarin’”. This is a hang glider simulation. You have the feeling as if you fly over Southern California. When you fly over the ocean you think as if you need to hold up your feet so they don’t get wet. It was truly amazing.


We stopped to eat something before we got on the Soarin ride.

Before we left we watched the amazing Fireworks. Unfortunately, we could not take a nice photo of it.


Sunday 22.02.09 – Another relaxing day

Today we enjoyed another relaxing day at the vacation house.

Monday 23.02.09 – Disney Hollywood Studios

On Monday we went to Disney’s Hollywood Studios.


We went on a simulator ride of a Star Wars space flight. This was very funny. A little robot was flying us. It was his first flight with passengers. He often took wrong turns and got us involved in a real space fight.

Before we left we watched an impressive stunt show with cars and motorcycles. It was awesome.


Tuesday 24.02.09 – Gatorland

On Tuesday my mom und dad wanted to do some shopping. So we went with our grandparents to Gatorland.



We fed alligators and watched several interesting animal shows. We also took pictures with alligators.

Wednesday 25.02.09 – Busch Gardens (Tampa)

On Wednesday we drove to Busch Gardens. This is a big zoo with wild animals and wild roller coasters. Busch Gardens is about a one hour drive from Orlando so we started early in the morning and had a breakfast picnic in the car.


First we observed gorillas and chimpanzees.


The picture shows a gorilla mom with her little baby. The baby is cuddled up on the lap. We looked at the inside of a safari jeep.



and set Barbra on a lion.


We went on a sky ride and observed the animals from the sky.

Then Max and I enjoyed a hang gliding flight high in the skies.


We watched an exiting show with different animals (dogs, cats, birds, etc.) that could do amazing tricks.


Before we left we took the “Serengeti Express” – this is a slow train. We saw many animals.



Thursday 26.02.09 – Relaxing

Today we spend another day at home relaxing and finally doing most of our homework.

Friday 27.02.09 – Epcot

On Friday we went back to Epcot.


This time we examined a real big fire engine.  Max tested the latest cars.

clip_image002[105] clip_image002[109]

We did a “Recycling Game” and later got a certificate via email.

Saturday 28.02.09 – Flying with Dad

On Saturday we went flying with our dad. My dad has a private pilot license. We tried out a Diamond Twin Star. This is a speedy two engine private plane.


Max, Barbra and I set in the back of the plane. The seats are very comfortable and we enjoyed it a lot.


During the flight my dad took a picture of all of us. The person on the left side is Chat. He is a flight instructor at the Executive airport in Orlando.


We flew about an hour around Orlando and saw the shuttle platform at Kennedy Space Center. We also got clearance to fly over the Disney parks. This was truly awesome.

If I had my pilot license and my own plane – I think I would like to have something like the Diamond Twin Star.

Sunday 01.03.09 – Returning to Frankfurt


Today was a really sad day – we were leaving. Even the weather was sad – it was cloudy, rainy and a cold wind.

While everyone was busy packing Max and I played for the last time Playstation, air hockey and pool. Later we went with my mom and dad for a last swim in the pool. Outside it was cold but the pool was nicely heated.

The flight to Frankfurt took about 8 hours. This was very long but Max and I slept a little during the flight. In Frankfurt we had to stay one night in a hotel as there was no flight for us to Mallorca.

The flight to Mallorca was in the morning at 6:30 am. Between 2 and 3 am at night we all woke up. This is called “Jetlag”. Jetlag happens if the body’s clock does not correspond with the actual destination time. By 4:30 am we finally all got up and decided to go over to the airport to check in for our flight at 6:30.

During the next couple of day we still had trouble sleeping. We sometimes woke up in the middle of the night and couldn’t go back to sleep for a few hours.

All in all we enjoyed this holiday very much. It was wonderful that Barbra Bear could join us. She was pleasant company.

28.02.2009 – DA42 Twinstar Flying II

After coming home the last time from flying the DA42, the boys were listening to my tales about the flight with glowing eyes. Their whole bodies were telling me - “We want to go too”. So I suggested: “Boys, you want to go flying as well”. “Yes- Yippieh, we are also ging to fly the DA42…”.

Oh well, what kind of Dad would I be to say no in a situation like this (For me, it was the perfect excuse…)

IMG_5272 IMG_5274

IMG_5282 IMG_5285

So on the 28th, we were first sleeping long, having a great breakfast. Then we were relaxing at the pool (Please note Max’s all o.k. thumb in the picture on the left), packed up our stuff and headed out to Orlando Executive Airport.

We got a little early to the airport, so we had a look around the pilot shop, watched a pilot fly the simulator, looked at airplanes and just had a good time in preparation of the flight.

After Chad was done with his previous student, we all got headsets and went out to check out the airplane

IMG_5289 IMG_5291

The next thing I heard was - “Look dad, a firetruck”. The firemen were waving their hands – I just thought – well, I don’t want to see them again… Gulp.

IMG_5293 IMG_5294

We all got settled in and prepared for departure.

IMG_5297 IMG_5300

After take-off, we headed east to “Kennedy Space Center” and had a look at the Shuttle Assembly building as well as at the shuttle runway. Unfortunately it is not allowed to fly over the space center

IMG_5306 IMG_5307

We all enjoyed the flight in this magnificent airplane.

IMG_5312 IMG_5318

IMG_5319 IMG_5322

We turned and headed back to central Florida and looked for the Calabay park again

IMG_5337 IMG_5338


We requested a clearance to cross the Disney TFR and we got it as being part of our approach to Orlando Executive and we had a good view of Disneyworld.

IMG_5345 IMG_5353

We made the downwind approach over Downtown Orlando and getting set up in Downwind, Felix said “Papa, Du bist zu schnell”. Chad asked, what Felix meant and I said: “Well, it means – Dad, you are too fast”. Chad’s comment to that - “He is right”. Ok, ok, I was maybe a little fast, but nothing that a little flaps cannot handle – but life is tough, if you have aviation experts as kids…

After landing, we looked up and saw a Lufthansa A340 making its approach into Orlando International and we all got a little sad, as this was the airplane, we are going to take to fly back to Germany the next day.


After securing the airplane, we had one last look and went home – Thanks Chad and thanks Air Orlando for another great flight.

IMG_5376 IMG_5377

27.02.09 Epcot II

On Friday, we did another trip to Epcot. It was just the kids, Helga and me. Just a small family trip.

IMG_5239 IMG_5240

We did all the rides we missed on our first visit and also repeated the ones we liked best. So we started off with Spaceship Earth, got our fastpass to the Testtrack, went to Imaginations and so on.

IMG_5247 IMG_5256

Unfortunately all the Fastpasses to Soarin’ were already gone and we couldn’t do this fantastic ride a second time.

IMG_5257 IMG_5258

IMG_5261 IMG_5262

IMG_5263 IMG_5265

Of course did we visit Mission:Space two times and the boys explained all the tricks on a space ride to Mars to me.

In the Exhibition halls, we did the "Think Green" experience and of course we got a certificate


02.03.09 - Arrival and Jetlag at its finest!!!

After a long flight we arrived half an hour earlier in Frankfurt.

Before we went to get our baggage we said good-bye to Roger, Kati and Gabi. They went on to Stuttgart by train and had to retrieve their baggage at a different place.

Our baggage was already circling and we only had to pick it up and haul it over to the hotel. The bed looked so inviting that we decided to rest a bit before we went back to the airport to get our boarding passes for the flight back to Mallorca at 6:30 am. Well, we all woke up three hours later - a bit less exhausted.

After having finished everything we set out to do we stopped for a final night cap at the hotels tower lounge. Very tired we went to bed at around 10 pm knowing that we would have to get up at 5 am.

Well, by 3 am everyone was awake and unable to fall asleep again. Jetlag feels really strange - your mind is fully awake and operating at 150% while the rest of your whole body lags hopelessly behind.

A bit after 4:30 am we decided to get up and get dressed. Being up and walking around helped to “feel” more awake. We had an easy-peacy fast flight of only 2 hours when we finally arrived in Mallorca. Wolfgang picked us up from the airport and drove us home.

Krümel our cat was first surprised to see us but then very happy and did not move from our side. I started unpacking and the boys started playing with their toys (Felix and Max with Legos and Thomas with his new SlingBox).

At around 4 pm I noticed that the boys were really quiet. When I looked I saw Felix asleep on the sofa while Max had fallen asleep while sitting and looking at a new airplane magazine. We decided to let them sleep for another half an hour before we would wake them again.

What can I say - at 3 am Felix and myself were awake again unable to sleep. Max was lucky - he seemed to have slept all night. Thomas only woke up for half an hour. Felix fell asleep after being up for an hour. The last time I checked the alarm clock it was 6:30 am - then I was fast-asleep. I could not believe it when the alarm woke me again at 7:30 am. All day today, I ran on emergency energy-saving mode.

We’ll see if it is any better tonight.

01.03.09 - Leaving Paradise

Sunday was a very sad day - we had to go home. Even the weather was in agreement with us as we woke up to a cold, windy day and some rain. It was the first morning we had to have breakfast inside the house.

After breakfast everyone started packing and the boys played their final Playstation games, air hockey, pool, …

At around noon we had packed most of our things and since the weather was still cool and every now and then there was some drizzle the boys decided not to go back one last time to a Disney park. Instead Felix, Max, Thomas and myself went for a last swim in the pool. It was wonderful.


We had enjoyed a wonderful vacation - this time together with Thomas parents and his sister.

A very big THANK YOU to Susan and Alan, the owners of this beautiful vacation villa in Calabay Park. The house is wonderful. It is exclusively decorated and provides ample space. Since our stay last year, Susan and Alan had upgraded a lot of things in and around the house. To us it felt like coming home again.

The boys were very sad when we finally had to leave around 5 pm and they decided we need to come back.

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