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Katahdin 2011– the adventure begins


I am sitting between a couple of backpacks and a sixpack “Samuel Adams". Behind me are 3 snoring “Gentlemen” (my dad and the boys) and I try to resolve my thoughts on the days to come. I try to get comfort from the mallorquin proverb ”poc a poc” which means  - one step at a time… we’ll see.

However – let’s start at the beginning.

Yesterday morning, the boys and I started on our vacation adventure trip. We are planning to go to the Katahdin Wilderness Camps and a trip like that needs to be prepared. We flew out to Zürich, met my dad, flew to Boston, stayed a night, took a car to Freeport, continue on to Millinocket, drive to Baxter state park, hike for 2 hours to finally get to our “Resort”.

Doesn’t sound like your typical “All-Inclusive” holiday…

So, yesterday – wow it was only yesterday, but I have a feeling it is already a million miles away -  we packed our bags at started our adventure.


Helga drove us to the airport and off we went. We flew with “Edelweiss Air” to Zürich and I must say – compared with all the other charter operators – impressive !!

In Zürich, we met my Dad, who was flying in from Stuttgart, and we took the train down to Zürich Downtown.


In Zürich, we met with Peter and had a walk to the Zürich Lake. Of course, we had to watch all the Chinese and Japanese tourists. We also had a chance to take an infinite loop picture (him taken a picture of me taken a picture of him taken a picture of me…)



We also saw a wild eagle making his rounds around the lake.


After another hour of sweating in Downtown, we went back to the airport to the departure gate. Our flight was about half an hour late, so it was easy to motivate the boys to make some faces. Make an educated guess, what they are trying to express.




Finally we got to board the aircraft and the boys immediately discovered the features of the IFE (In Flight Entertainment)




After a couple more “boring” hours, we finally got to Boston. After some negotiations, we got a nice SUV as a rental car. A Dodge Durango with all the bells and whistles. Grandpa has to train a little bit to get into the car…


We got to our hotel and the boys were falling into the bed. Grandpa and I had some “Samuel Adams”, some chips and we went to sleep as well.

The night was short, as my fellow travellers got up around 5:30 and of course had the courtesy of letting me sleep in (I am kidding, the noise could have woken an elephant…)

So after breakfast, we drove to downtown Boston. We got into the typical large city traffik jam at 8:30 (Oh boy – did I mention, this was early, we were at 06:45 at breakfast…)

We finally got to do some shopping and watch the sky scrapers. Here are some impressions:





We continued on to Freeport, got into a real nice luxury hotel, did some shopping, had a lobster for dinner and just had a good time. Unfortunately, I forgot the camera in the car…

The boys and granddad are snoring in the background and I will now get to bed as well. Tomorrow we plan to drive to Millinocket for the next part of the adventure.

Neuer Grill

Jetzt sind die Tage wieder länger; man sitzt abends draussen und nicht immer hat man Lust den Grill anzuschmeissen. Es dauert zu lang, die Kohlen sind aus, usw.

Nun lief uns ein Weber Genesis E320 als Schnäppchen (Ha Ha) bei dem Magatzem Verd über den Weg. Und wir haben zugeschlagen


Jetzt gibt es keine Entschuldigung mehr – es wird angeheizt.

Der Grill hat neben dem Rost noch ein Kochfeld.

Ein paar Leistungsdaten – der Grill hat 13.5kW und das Kochfeld weiter 3.5kW. Ich bin mal gespannt, wie lange die Gasflasche hält.

Countdown für Lake Katahdin

Ten more day to go until we leave for our hard-earned vacation.

The boys have new backpacks, new shoes and new knifes.

I think, we should start preparing for the trip.

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