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Get your kicks on route 66–from Prescott to Peach Springs

After a major repacking of our bags and a delicious breakfast, we got on the route north to Peach Springs,AZ. Peach Springs is just a little south of the Grand Canyon where we will be going to do a “1-day Rafting” trip tomorrow.



Also some interesting investment opportunities.


…and more road…



Then we got to Seligman, our entry point to Route 66. Seligman “commercializes” the theme Route 66 pretty well.


Please note the eyes in the windshields of the cars. It kind of remembers of the movie “Cars”.


and some more pictures


One picture we had to have was our Ford Mustang on Route 66 !!


and some more pictures



We had a little snack in Seligman before we hit the road again.


We got back on the road and drove to Peach Springs. Our running gag with this name is that there is a little canon in the ground that shoots up peaches for the kids to catch…


The Route 66 theme is so perfect that even the quality of the highway is 50s.


and even more pictures


See how the highway disappears in the horizon


Double mirror sun/flash reflection or just a beautiful picture.


Finally we got to Peach Springs (a couple houses in the desert). When our GPS told us that we are at our destination, we were next to a big field. Fortunately, common sense told us to continue a little bit longer and we found the hotel with no problem.

The hotel seems o.k., the rooms are nice and we are looking to our trip tomorrow.


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  1. Helga:

    Hi guys,

    if you look up Seligman on Wikipedia (,_Arizona)
    you learn that moviemaker John Lasseter based the city “Radiator Springs” from the movie CARS mainly on Seligman. Just like Radiator Springs, Seligman was cut off from from through traffic when Interstate Highway 40 was finished (… interesing enough this little detail is only available in the German wikipedia article).
    Whish you a great trip tomorrow.
    Talk to you later

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