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Rafting at the Colorado river

Today we had to get up early at 06:30 because our bus was leaving at 07:30 to the Grand Canyon to go rafting. We waited at the first of many giftshops for our bus to arrive.


Finally we heard the horn of a modern, high-end transportation medium Zwinkerndes Smiley


We drove on some dirt roads to the Grand Canyon. As the bus had eco-friendly open-window air conditioning, we got a full blast of the sand and dust of the road.


The road was guarded by some donkeys which only cleared the road after getting some apples.


We made a quick stop half-way down for some photos


Finally we got to the launch site of the boats




After putting on the life-vests – off we went. BTW – we are about to get wet.

This is Randy  - our captain for the day. After approx. 10 tries our engine was running.


Not long after the start, we got our first rapids. And we got wet! The air temperature was around 43°C and the water approx. 17°C. It was more than a cold shower.



Please note the water droplets on the camera, the wet clothes and the happy face


The rock formations along the canyon are impressive and we had a good time


and off we went to the next rapid. We did all-in-all 7 of them.


We stopped at a little beach. We climbed out and went on a little trail to cave with a water-fall. We had to climb up a slippery ladder,with slippery shoes while being slightly sprayed at with water.





At the prospect of the next rapids, we went back to the boats.



Again the rock formations were impressive



Then came the biggest rapid of them all. It is named “232 – The hole”. This is a accurate picture of the rapid.


The other boats passing the rapid also got their share of the water


After getting into more quiet water, Max and two other boys decided to take a swim (Please remember Airtemp: 43°C and water 17°C) Fortunately I had to hold the camera and could not get in. Comment from Max: “At one point we were allowed to jump in quick the water was fffffffrrrrrrrrrreeeeeeeezzzzzzzzziiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiinnnnnnnnnggggggggggggg.”


At this point, the battery of our water-proof camera was empty and I was too scared to take out the iPhone. We had lunch at a river-back and we continued mostly in calm water.

We were for almost 5 hours on the Colorado river before we reached the end of our “cruise”. Helicopters were transferring people in and out of the canyon every minute.


After about 20 minutes it was our turn. Max and I got to sit in the front row of a helicopter next to the pilot.


and off we went…




Next on our agenda was the visit to the Skywalk. The Skywalk is a bridge made out of glass which extends about 30m into the Grand Canyon. If you look down, you’ll see the valley some 1.200m below. Unfortunately, you are not allowed to take photos on the bridge (They want to sell their own pictures for horrendous prices)


After all these adventures, we had still a 2 hour bus ride to the hotel. The bus was a lot more modern than the one from the morning. However, most of the ride was “left some desert, right some desert…)



We just had dinner and we are now ready for bed after this adrenalin loaded day…

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