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Waiting for the Arrival of our Explorers

While Thomas and Max have started their long, long way back, Felix and his friend Alberto are enjoying their last school fun day at our house. It has become a tradition for both of them to celebrate their last school day together. Most students of their school spend the day in Aqualand but Felix and Alberto prefer to play together. Alberto spent the night here and they went really late to bed after having watched a movie. This morning they actually slept in bit. Before breakfast they already had played several rounds of Xbox sports games, built lego things, worked on one of Felix’s aquariums, played outside, etc. – and no, we did not eat breakfast very late we had breakfast at around 10 am. Currently they rest a bit in front of the TV.

Right now I am finishing a few things in the office and of course use flight tracking to see where Thomas and Max are.


Unfortunately they had a 2 hour delay leaving Los Angeles which means that they will not be able to catch their connecting flight to Palma. We just hope that Airberlin is putting them on the next flight.

Nevertheless, we are extremely excited to have them back soon (… even if it is with a delay).

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