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Trip to England - ESUG 2014, London and more

The boys and I went this year on a short 4-day trip to London.

As very well acclimatized people to the Spanish culture, it was quite a shock for us to get up at 07:00 in the morning to catch our flight To London Luton.


From Luton, we took the bus to Cambridge to attend the ESUG 2014 conference.

Please have a look at our other blog for entry about Cambridge.

After our successful presentation at the university, we took the bus and the train to London downtown.


We arrived at the “Kings Cross” train station which also played part in the Harry Potter movies. Of course there was the concourse 9 3/4.


We used the underground to get to Paddington station which was close to the apartment where we were staying.


This was our apartment about 5 minutes after we got there…


In the evening, we decided to go to the London Eye which is a gigantic ferries wheel at the shores of the Thames river. However, the waiting line was about 3 hours long and the prices for the fast lane tickets were just enormous so we decided to just enjoy it from below.


We walked back passing Big Ben, the parliament, St. James park, Buckingham Palace, Hyde park and had dinner at a little Italian place close to our apartment.

A highlight of the trip was the breakfast the next morning. As we only had an apartment without breakfast, we went to a small breakfast shop close by. We had “The Works”, eggs, salmon, bacon, Hash browns, sausage, etc – everything a London explorer needs Zwinkerndes Smiley

We were thinking about going to the British museum, however the Science museum sounded a lot more appealing and it was great.


We saw all kinds of machines, demos, art, etc. These are some impressions of the museum.





Lego – of course


After museum – we took the tube back to the apartment.


On the next morning, we had our breakfast 2 at the same breakfast place (again – “The works”) and we went to explore London some more.

We went to the tower bridge and actually wanted to see the London tower. However the waiting line was over 4 hours, so we decided to continue on. We crossed the tower bridge because we wanted to get to the “Shard”



This is a picture of the shard behind the London tower


The “Shard” is the highest Skyscraper in western Europe and they have an observation deck at the top.



We had a good look around London from the top.


After the Shard, we took the bus back to Marylebone station to catch our train to Chorleywood.


We had a presentation at “Tropical Marine Center Ltd” which are the biggest supplier of tropical fish and aquariums in Europe. Unfortunately we didn’t take any pictures but the boys spend their time feeding sharks and sting rays as well as other fish Zwinkerndes Smiley

In the evening we returned safely home.

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